Band B

At risk of homelessness/the prevention duty

If you are at risk of homelessness within the next 56 days, and a homeless application has been accepted from SBC homeless team, you will be placed into band B if you: Engage with the Council to prevent your homelessness &Follow the agreed steps set out in your personalised housing plan.

Homelessness relief duty

If you approach the Council as homeless, we will make a homeless application with a homeless officer, and if you an application is accepted / you are engaging with the process you will placed either under a homeless relief or prevention duty.

Homeless – non-priority need

If you remain homeless after the relief duty has expired, we will investigate what further housing duties may be owed to you.  You may remain within band B if you are:
found to be unintentionally homeless, do not have a priority need but also you do not fall within any of the exclusion criteria (i.e. due to rent arrears or anti social behaviour)

Lack of 2 bedrooms

If you lack two bedrooms in your home,  unless evidence exists that shows the overcrowding is deliberate. Same sex children are expected to share a double room, whilst opposite sex children can share until the age of 10. 

3 or more band C needs

Where you have 3 band C needs you will be placed into Band B.