What is an effective date?

Every registered applicant is given an “effective date”. In most cases, this will be the date that we first received your application. However, if your circumstances change and you move into a different band, your effective date will change as follows:

  • Moving into a lower band that you have previously been in - the effective date goes back to the date that applied when you were last in that band. 
  • Moving into a lower band that you have not previously been in - the effective date will be your original application date.
  • Moving up into a higher band - the effective date will be the date when you are assessed as requiring a higher band.

Effective dates, priority and housing need

Everyone who qualifies for the Home-seekers Register will be given a band of priority and an ‘effective date’. An effective date is usually the date an applicant went into their band of priority, however, please see the main policy document for exceptions.

Properties are generally awarded to the bidder in the highest band, with the earliest effective date.  However, where the property is a specialist property to meet mobility needs, those who require that type of accommodation will be prioritised (in band and effective date order) before those without a need for that type of accommodation. Fully wheelchair adapted properties can only be bid on by those with a medical need for this type of accommodation.

Those who have spare rooms in their social housing, and are willing to downsize to a home that meets their bedroom needs will be given priority for new build social housing. 

What does bidding or placing a bid mean?

“Bidding” is the term used in Choice Based Lettings schemes to mean that an applicant wishes to be considered for a property / placing an interest. There is no money involved and no-one can place more than one “bid” for a single property.

Bidding/registering your interest in for available social housing

Each week, available properties will be advertised at www.southend-on-the-move.org.uk

If you qualify for inclusion on our register, you can place bids on available properties between 00.01AM on a Wednesday and 11.59PM on a Sunday. You will be able to enter up to 3 bids each week if there are properties available.

You will need your Application Number and PIN to enter a bid, which will be provided to you by the Council.

You can bid in the following ways:

If you need any help with bidding or would like someone else to bid on your behalf, you should let us know when you first apply, tell your support or social worker (if you have one) and they may be able to do this for you or, contact the Housing Team on 01702 215002.