What documents do I need to provide?

Along with your application form you will need to provide the following if applicable: 

Proof of identity: birth certificate, passport or driving licence.

Proof of where you Live: tenancy agreement or letter from head of household. If you are currently renting, you must provide an up to date rent payment statement from your landlord.

Proof of income: please provide evidence of any income or benefits you are receiving i.e. bank statements/benefit letters

5 year full address history: please include the dates you moved into and out of these addresses and the reasons for leaving

Local connection: you have stated on your application that you have an immediate family member which has resided in Southend for five years, please provide the full name and proof of address for this family member and proof of your connection.

Proof you are facing homelessness: notice to quit (section 21)

Please provide proof of where you are living & that you are threatened with homelessness: this should be a letter from your head of household confirming your living arrangements & why you can no longer reside at the address and the date that you are required to leave

Proof of medical condition and medication - letter from GP/consultant and prescription

Proof of harassment: in order for consideration to be given to the award of priority on the grounds of harassment, violence or abuse we will require written evidence from the police advising that you have an urgent need to move and that there is a significant risk if you are to remain in that property.