The bidding cycle


Wednesday 00:01 - Bidding cycle starts

Wednesday 00:01 - Sunday 23:59 - place bids. Priority is not awarded on a first come first serve basis and your queue position will change as more people place bids. 

When you are looking at property adverts it is important to read the Further Information and Show all details section as this will state criteria which may make you ineligible for this property e.g. age/household size. Also, some Housing Associations who advertise through the scheme have differing criteria for who is eligible to move into their properties. If you have any questions about this information please contact us to discuss.

If you log in and see a message that you are not eligible for any properties, this is specific for that cycle only and is because there are no properties available that are the size you require. There is nothing wrong with your application. To check this, you can search for all properties, where you will be able to see the bedroom size of those being advertised.

If you bid for a property, you are confirming that your circumstances are the same as when we gave you your band of priority.

Sunday 23:59 - Bidding cycle ends

No more properties will be advertised until Wednesday. 

Monday/Tuesday - Shortlisting takes place

Shortlists are verified using an applicants band, effective date, mobility need and any other eligibility/priority criteria set for the advert.

If you have placed a bid and are shortlisted, but we are unable to make contact with you within 24 hours of the bidding cycle closing, you may be skipped and lose out on an offer. You must ensure your contact details are up to date - if you do not have a telephone number yourself, then please provide one for someone who can contact you immediately.

Ongoing - Verification of application

We will verify your circumstances with you to check your eligibility.

Within 7 - 10 days of shortlisting - Property viewing

Those highest on the shortlist will be invited to view the property. This may be one at a time or as a group. The property will be offered to the applicant with the highest level of priority. If they turn it down, it will be offered to the second highest applicant on the shortlist. If no one on the shortlist accepts the property, it will be re-advertised. 

Final verification and sign up

We will verifiy your circumstances, documentation and eligibility before allowing a property to be allocated to you. 
If any of your circumstances have changed you may not be eligible for an offer. If you accept an offer with different circumstances to those you have told us, you may risk losing your tenancy.

Your new social landlord will provide you with all relevant information regarding your property, tenancy agreement and conditions