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Important information below - Please read


When you are considering properties to bid on, please ensure you click on "Show all details" and read the further information.  The information will advise whether there are any specific criteria that you would need to meet to be considered for that property.  If you do bid on a property that you would not meet the criteria for, you will be skipped when the shortlisting is done. 

If you have been successful in bidding but we cannot reach you by the contact numbers you have provided within 24 hours of the bidding cycle closing, you may miss out on an invitation to view or being offered a property.  Please ensure you keep us up to date with contact and application changes as failure to do this may result in your application being suspended or cancelled.

Shortlisting/consideration for properties may involve a home visit to verify your circumstances and documentation.

Properties advertised as "Direct Let" will not allow you to bid on them - these are to be matched with applicants who have met the criteria set out in the marketing information.

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