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Monday, 25-Jun-2018
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Other Housing Options

There are many more people in Southend who would like social housing than there are properties available. This means that many people wait years to be housed and others never get housed. Whilst On The Move makes the letting process more transparent, it does not make more properties available.

However, social housing is not the only option available. If you feel you really need to be re-housed but are not being successful in your bids, you may like to should consider:


 Home Buy

If you are interested in affordable home ownership schemes such as shared ownership, rent or buy or equity loans for first time buyers, please go to

Private Sector Rentals There is no shortage of properties to rent in the borough from private sector landlords.  You may wish to approach Lettings Agents directly or to look at websites like Rightmove (
Supported housing There are a number of housing schemes in Southend which enable vulnerable people to enjoy independence by offering a supported living environment.  If you require housing related support or supported housing, you can contact the Access Point at Family Mosaic on 0845 6027895






If you are or are likely to become homeless in the near future(within next 56 days), you should contact our Housing Options Service on 01702 215002. We will be able to explain any options that would be appropriate for you to consider, and we may be able to assist you to remain in your current property

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